What is double chance in betting?

Sports betting has many different types of bets, each with its peculiarities. These various bet types are contingent on the sport and associated characteristics. If you’re new to betting, you must familiarize yourself with all the styles and features of bets, particularly those related to your sport of choice. One such bet, widely applicable to almost any sport, is the ‘double chance’ bet. So, let’s explore what this bet entails, how it works, and how it can yield winnings.

So, what does ‘double chance’ mean in betting? To kick things off, let’s clarify what ‘double chance’ implies and how it functions. This kind of bet is a conventional single bet with a twist – the bettor can win in two of the three possible outcomes.

It’s worth noting that ‘double chance’ betting is only possible in sports where three outcomes exist – a win for either team or a draw. This is applicable in sports such as football and hockey, amongst others.

What are the types of double-chance bets? There are three basic kinds of double-chance bets:

  • 1X: This bet predicts a win for the first team or a draw. The player profits when the first team emerges victorious or is a draw. However, if the second team wins, the player incurs a loss.
  • X2: This bet predicts the second team’s draw or win; much like the previous type, the player profits if the away team wins or if there’s a draw.
  • 12: This bet predicts a win for the first or second teams. The chance is successful except for a draw scenario.

Understanding these bets is straightforward. The key lies in picking the right match and the proper chance while considering other factors we’ll delve into shortly.

How to double chance bets are calculated We now know what ‘double chance’ in betting means. Let’s delve into the specifics of this type of bet. The payout is calculated similarly to other singles – the bet amount is multiplied by the odds. It’s irrelevant which of the two outcomes is the winning one.

The odds depend on the individual odds for each event. The broker’s margin remains the same whether you’re betting on two different occasions or one double outcome.

Example of calculating a bet Let’s illustrate with an example. Suppose there’s a match between Barcelona and Liverpool. You place a bet of 1000 rubles at odds of 1.75 on 1X.

The outcomes could be:

  1. If Barcelona wins or there’s a draw, you’ll receive 1750 rubles, i.e., a net profit of 750 rubles.
  2. If Liverpool wins, you’ll lose your bet.

Similarly, if you bet on X2 with odds of 2 in the exact match, you’ll receive 2000 rubles if there’s a draw or if the second team wins. If you lose, you forfeit your bet.

Double Chance Betting Strategies Bettors usually opt for a double outcome in the following situations:

  1. If the first team is a clear favorite, a 1X bet is a good insurance policy.
  2. An X2 bet is a good insurance policy if the second team is the favorite.
  3. If both teams are expected to go all out for the win, a 12-bet makes sense.
  4. If the favorite team is not in form or doesn’t need a win in a particular match, a small bet on the underdog and a draw could yield good returns considering the high odds.

How can you avoid losing money on a double bet? If you’re planning to place a double outcome bet, protecting yourself from potential losses is crucial. Here are some tips:

  1. Only bet on events you’re completely confident about. Don’t risk your funds in dubious circumstances.
  2. Avoid taking significant risks.
  3. Analyze every match you intend to bet on thoroughly.
  4. Adhere to a specific strategy in terms of the bets themselves and bank management.

Sports betting is inherently risky, with people losing considerable sums every day. Therefore, it’s vital to exercise caution and not lose your deposit. Further, consider studying other types of bets, analyzing events, choosing the most effective strategies, and identifying the best bookmakers. Our website offers additional resources on choosing bookmakers and other related topics. If you have any questions, our support team will gladly assist you.

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